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A Storage Place

36 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

2 Months Ago
"When I was meet at the front office I was attended right away, and explain what size of storage I was wanting and the price and the discount I could get if I went by 6 mo. In stead if I went by mo. There was no pressure to get this savings and went with 6 mo. I would say that I was treated very well and very professionally, I felt when I walk away that I got a great deal and I liked the staffs kindness. An THANK YOU VERY MUCH And GOD BLESS !"
~Greg Gracia
4 Months Ago
"3 stars"
~georgia hamel
5 Months Ago
"3 stars"
~Maria Carrillo
5 Months Ago
"Friendly service, good prices, amazing price for the first month. Very happy."
~Laura Martinez
7 Months Ago
"Great place to store my car however what storage place DOESN'T extra day and you pay for the whole month...crazy..Also make sure you don't need to use the restroom!!!! No facilities. Saul is awesome but this place could certainly be more customer friendly... welcoming guests with a restroom and prorating days or at least weeks..."
~Ray Berman
7 Months Ago
"Found A Storage PLace on the internet talked with Julie a couple of times then visited the facility to see what it was like and where it was located. We are storing our tow car for three months until we need it again when we take off in March on RV Road Trip. I found the entire experience easy and with out any problems. The young man who took care of checking me on on Sunday was very accommodating, friendly, and knowledgeable about every question I had regarding the storage. Would highly recommend A Storage Place for any of your offsite storage needs. Contact Julie directly to get details on any special offers they might be offering."
~Dick Bathurst
10 Months Ago
"The staff was very helpful. When something came up and I had to meet someone, they let me keep my truck parked half unloaded, leave and come back. They also let my friend fill up our water bottles twice and use the restroom in the office. Friendly and helpful."
~Dave Jewett
10 Months Ago
"4 stars"
~That Girl
11 Months Ago
"5 stars"
~tommy Joe
11 Months Ago
"Very Friendly and accommodating. Highly recommended."
~Bray Hogan